A Journey
Your Good Enough
A peaceful place to be….

Unresolved life issues coupled with society’s harsh expectations and specifications about who and what we should be and how we should look can negatively effect beliefs we have about ourselves.  I know first hand what it means to be trapped in a “Not Good Enough” sense of self and, as a psychotherapist, I also know what it takes to get free of that trap.

The process of healing is available to every one of us, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles may seem.

For 23 years, I have been dedicated to treating the unique hardships and struggles of my clients, giving them support and encouragement to overcome painful thoughts and emotions.

As a result, my clients are being treated by a skilled professional who is attuned to their issues; an experience that serves as support and encouragement to overcome life’s difficult challenges.

My goal is to help clients discover a place of inner peace that ultimately invites enjoyment and meaning.

Psychotherapy  License LMFT

34570 California

001074 New York